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Empowering teachers and coaches with actionable steps to help young people move well

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Of all the challenges that await the next generation, health and specifically obesity are among the most significant. If we are going to influence the fitness of the general population we have to impact children first. Developing movement habits and preserving the movement health of young people must be a priority - and is our mission.

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Our Modules

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The program captures fundamental movements, motor control within movement patterns - identifying poorly developed or maintained movement patterns and assessing movement competency. Retrain the body and importantly the brain to re-establish and improve sound movement patterns.

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Our athletic motor skills competency program assists teachers and coaches in building a solid foundation of athleticism that enables young people to participate in sports and physical activity with effective, efficient and safe technique.

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A teacher video resource of play ideas for PE lessons that introduce gross co-ordination competencies via play narratives and fun. We are all born with innate motor abilities and patterns but these need to be developed continuously. We are advocates of the pedagogy of play.

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Extends our narrative based Movement Play program into more age appropriate video resource for older children who are learning teamwork and are beginning to enjoy competition without the inherent pressures of team sport.

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This resource allows you to build your own performance program. Create your own capacity tests – gather and store data on the Platform and generate useful group and individual analytics and reporting.

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How It Works

The Platform

The system provides you an organisational platform where you can manage student data, analytics, reporting and schemes of work within the relevant modules.

Student App

The App provides students with a convenient access to any training materials allocated to them on the Platform.

Analytics and Reporting

Add objectivity to your program by monitoring your students progress through selected modules.

Our Partners

The health and movement issues presenting in our young people are the same in every corner of the world. From Christchurch in New Zealand to Hot Springs in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, US - a global movement has started.

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We are always looking for every opportunity to improve what we do. The FMS platform is helping develop a positive association to movement and activity and ultimately setting our children on a more active path for the rest of their lives.
Jack Potter
Colfe's School (UK)
Addressing growing concerns around posture, breathing, mobility, and stability due to increased screen time, we're launching a program for boys (Years 4-6) to empower them to live actively and enhance their overall well-being.
Rory Griffiths
Director of Sport, Cothill House School
Selwyn House prioritizes fun and lifelong physical activity for girls, emphasizing well-being and partnering with FMS Schools to enhance physical education and wellness programs.
Matt Henry
Head of Physical Education
and Sport at Selwyn Selwyn House

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FMS Schools Movement

Empowering teachers and coaches with actionable steps to help young people move well. Then….move often.


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